Good Credit in Poker

In poker you need friends. Not only can they give you strategy tips but they can provide you with a financial lifeline when you need it most. This is useful in both live games and as part of an online poker strategy. Many poker pros have a close circle of friends they swap percentages with, lend money to or buy action from. Although it may seem like poker pros have endless amounts of money, the reality is that a lot of them are playing with limited funds.

Lots of the poker players have a backer they can call upon to help buy them into a tournament or cash game if needs be. Making sure you maintain a clean reputation in the poker community is important if you want to survive as a professional.

The best way to keep good credit in the poker community to is always pay up on time. Just as with anything in life it’s important to never pay late. Thus, if you say you’ll pay someone on a certain day make sure you stick to the deal.

Another way to elevate your status and, thus, borrowing potential is to give something back to the community. This doesn’t necessarily need to be financial but be willing to give advice to aspiring players and help out wherever possible. Gaining a valued status on the various poker forums and poker sites will make you a more desirable prospect.

Having friends in the poker community isn’t essential but if you want to survive as long as possible you’re going to need some. Poker can be a cruel game at times and you may sometimes need a helping hand. For this reason it’s important to maintain good credit. Do this and you’ll always find someone willing to stake you when times are tough.

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