Slots, Slots Software and More About Slots

Investigating software providers and developers often leads players learning about different games they might not have known otherwise.

Slot History and Innovation

Ever since the early slot machines were invented in the late 1800’s there has been much innovation. Even as more growth took place in the early days of Las Vegas much has changed.

Types of Games Increased

In the early 1900’s many slots looked alike but as the game popularity increased so did the variety.

This growth also led to more companies and manufacturers becoming involved.

Rows and Rows of Slots

Visit any casino today and you will see rows and rows of slots on the gaming floor. Closer inspection and it is easily determined the games are not all the same. There is a lot of variety. Many different kinds of game offering players a lot of choices.

More Choices Equals More Competition

It is no secret the more choices consumers have in any niche the more competition will be created among suppliers. And competition among suppliers will always lead to greater variety and even more innovation.

That has clearly happened in the slot machine industry as well as igaming in general.

Many Slots Many Vendors

With the explosive growth in casino gaming in general over the last few decades some software vendors stand out above the crowd. Additionally many newer vendors and developers have created truly great games that players love.

We could never possibly list all the various slot developers in a single short list, there are just too many, many hundreds. Below are just a few:

  • RTG
  • Betsoft
  • Microgaming
  • Dragon Gaming
  • WGS
  • Rival Gaming

And many many more.

Which Slots Software is Best

There is no simple answer on which developer makes the best games. There are many factors to consider before making the determination.

A fair amount of that answer changes from player to player. What features about the games are you looking for?

Are you wanting great graphics, animations, fun story line, lots of wilds or scatters or big progressives? Each of these features and more are available from most of the software vendors in today’s market. Over time many players end up picking favorites.

How to Pick Slot Software

One thing that helps to pick a software vendor is investigating the many features each one offers. Reading the various reviews at many trusted casino portals can be a big help.

While we have reviews here at our site we also recommend reading Slot Software reviews at Slot Machine World to get a variety of ideas.